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911+ Body balm-gel with apitoxin, 100ml

911+ Body balm-gel with apitoxin, 100ml


Is recommended as adjuvant treatment for arthropaty : osteochondrosis, radiculitis, arthrosis, arthritis, and gout. It reduces pain and swelling, stimulates recovery of cartilage and synovial fluid production, has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antirheumatic effects, improves microcirculation, providing nutritional support for locomotor system. It normalizes metabolic processes in the joints, improves histotrophic nutrition, and restores joint mobility.

Contraindications - individual sensitivity to some components, open wounds, abrasions and dermatological diseases. Not recommended for children under 3 years.

Apply balm-gel over the clear skin in affected areas 2-3 times a day, in circular motion until complete absorption.

Aqua, Methyl Salicylate, Ethylhexyl Stearate,Tormentil Extract, Symphytum Extract, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Triethanolamine, Camphor, Callisia Fragrans Extract, Piper oil, Cageputi Oil, Guaiacum Officinale Oil, Major Praefectus Militum, Thymus Serpyllum Oil, Juniperus Communis Oil, Rosmarinus Officinalis Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Dianthus Caryophyllus Oil, Methyl Nicotinate, Apis Toxicum,  Diazolidinyl Urea (and) Lodopropynyl Butylcarbamate (and) Propylene Glycol.

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