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Advanced Thumb Brace

Advanced Thumb Brace




Effectively relieving pain and inflammation, the Vive Advance Thumb Brace immobilizes the thumb and wrist while providing therapeutic compression. Available for the left or right hand, our thumb spica splint includes three removable, bendable splints that aid in relieving soreness and swelling due to a sprain, repetitive motion injury, arthritis and more. Lightweight and breathable, the soft padded brace is adjustable for a comfortable fit.




  • Superior Thumb and Wrist Pain-Relief: Stabilizing and supporting the thumb and wrist while leaving the fingers free for everyday tasks, the Vive Advanced Thumb Brace aids in relieving pain, inflammation and swelling. Ideal for arthritis, tendonitis, sprains and strains, the spica thumb wrist splint restricts movement and provides customizable compression to promote natural healing.



  • Customizable All-Day Support: Immobilizing the wrist and thumb, the advanced thumb brace utilizes three aluminum splints for maximum support. The malleable metal splint is removable for more flexibility and is bendable to provide customizable support for thumb and wrist injuries.
  • Adjustable Compression Fit: Easily adjust the thumb splint for therapeutic compression and a secure fit with four easy-pull fastener straps. The three wrist straps can also be trimmed to remove excess length.
  • Lightweight and Breathable: Our advanced thumb brace is made with a soft blend that is comfortable against the skin and lightly padded with foam. The thumb spica brace is also lightweight and breathable, allowing air to circulate and heat and moisture to quickly dissipate




What’s Included


- Thumb and Wrist Brace


- Aluminum Removable Splint 


Color: Black 


 Dimensions: 9.44” x 2.95” x 2.16”


Weight: 0.3lbs


Materials: Foam, Nylon, Polyester, Aluminum Splint. 


Latex-free: Yes

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