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Dual Trigger Finger Splint

Dual Trigger Finger Splint


Immobilize Injured Fingers

Promoting natural healing, the Vive dual trigger finger splint immobilizes two or three fingers as needed. The versatile finger splint provides pain-relieving support for broken or sprained fingers as well as tendonitis, trigger finger, and post-operative care. 


Built-In Aluminum Splint

Featuring a malleable aluminum splint, the stabilizing multi-finger splint can be angled for optimal support of injured or fractured fingers. The metal splint is also removable for gentle support and cleaning. 


Lightweight and Breathable

Made with a soft, latex-free neoprene blend, the Vive dual trigger finger splint is lightweight and breathable for all-day comfort. The breathable blend allows heat and moisture to quickly dissipate, keeping your hand cool and dry. 


Reversible and Adjustable

Designed for use on the left or right hand needed, the trigger finger splint easily adjusts to fit most adults, immobilizing any finger combination. The nonslip splint is secured with four adjustable fastener straps, accommodating wrist sizes up to 12” in circumference. 



Find relief from finger pain, stiffness, and locking joints with the Vive dual trigger finger splint. Supporting and immobilizing two or three fingers, the finger splint relieves pain due to fractures, sprains, tendonitis, stenosing tenosynovitis, mallet finger, finger curling, and rheumatoid arthritis. The reversible trigger finger splint is fully adjustable and features a bendable aluminum internal splint for customizable support. 





What’s Included

- Vive Dual Trigger Finger Splint


- Bendable & removable Aluminium Splint



Color: Black

Universal Size

Fits for left and right hand, Men and Women 


Dimensions: 9x2.5x2 in   (22.8x6.4x5.1cm)

Max. Wrist Circum: 12"

Splint Dimensions: 7.6x1.37”   (195x35cm)

Weight: 0.15lb   (0.06kg)


Materials: 50% Breathability, Neoprene, 30% Nylon, 8% Spandex, 2% Polyester, Aluminium Splint

Latex-free: Yes

Care: Hand wash with cold water and mild detergent. Hang Dry.

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